What kind of doctor treats diabetes?

Many of us are used to visiting one doctor for all our medical needs, and most of the time, it’s the least expensive option to get a medical opinion.

Referrals to specialists like endocrinologists (there are only 6,500 in the whole United States!) often end in a dead-end street because waiting for an appointment takes too long or your insurance does not cover visits.

"Eat healthier and exercise more" is on repeat for most people with type 2 diabetes. But that’s easier said than done because lifestyle changes take a lot of motivation and education. Does being healthy mean giving up your favorite foods? Do you have to exercise every day? And where do you get started? For example, professional support by, e.g., nutritionists or a personal trainer can help implement new lifestyle habits but usually comes at a premium cost.

But wait, don’t throw up your hands just yet! You don’t have to be a celebrity to get VIP diabetes care.

All diabetes specialists in one place

At 9am.health you have access to the care specialists you need in one place. You can work virtually with a dietitian to plan your diet, talk to a doctor online to adjust your medications, and even meet with a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist to dive deep into your overall health goals like meal planning, exercise routines, or your personalized medication plan.

A whole team of specialists available on demand

Send your questions and get an answer within two hours. No appointment is required - we are on your schedule.

The most critical member on your care team (besides yourself!) is our Diabetes Care and Education Specialists. They are equipped with a diabetes superpower because they have received education, experience, credentials, and training on all things related to diabetes that many different health care providers usually do separately. They cover blood glucose monitoring, medication management, meal planning, diabetes technology and management of specialist appointments, and lifestyle change.

They will free you from appointment juggling between providers because every conversation is only one fingertip away.You can go through your diabetes questions while on your lunch break enjoying the healthy salad your 9am.health specialist sent you the recipe for the other day.

Also, we store all of your health information in one place, so there’s no need to drag your medication list from appointment to appointment or hope your practitioner has copies of your labs.

Get the care you deserve

And unlike in the offline world, where doctors, insurances, and pharmacies want to increase their profit by selling overpriced meds and treatments and charging you with enormous out-of-pocket costs or copays, diabetes care at 9am.health is affordable.

We don’t answer to insurances or pharmacies. We only answer to you getting the care that you deserve.

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